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everyone should listen to this song.
it's amazing on every level.
I quit my job at City of Hope.
It makes me feel bad, but oh well.
Back to job hunting, I guess...
What's the best advice you've given or gotten for taking good photos?
Never put your subject in the center of the picture.
I just read through a lot of my entries from the past.
I sure do miss those days.
This journal is a chronicle of my development.
I went from kinda psychotic and retarded...
to miserable and demented...
to what I am today.
What is that?
I don't know.
But I remember getting this journal.
It was shortly before Tahoe, 3 years ago.
That trip changed my life.
Luckily for me, we're going back.
Camp this year is back in Tahoe at the same campsite as before.
Hamster-wheel and all.
I was a little iffy about going, but I've decided I want to.
It'll be my last chance to go.
I'm taking that.
I need to go.
And I can't wait.
What did I do wrong...
Just why did the people who once said we would be best friends forever walk away and leave me in the dust?
There isn't an excuse.
Too busy?
Then how come both of you have time to hang out with other people every day?
What did I do to drive you all away...
I'm not the same person I used to be.
And I like it.

A lot of things have changed me.

China for sure.
That was the experience of a lifetime.
It made me appreciate my life and world so much more.

There has never been, nor ever will there be, anyone like him.
I can't put into words the impact he's had on my life.

Realizations that I don't have to conform to other peoples standards.
I don't have to live for anyone but myself.
If they don't like it, fuck em.
It's my life.

Hooray for the new!
I'm out of high school.
Done. Finito. Finished.
I'm so happy.
Graduation's next week.

Look out real world, here I come!


I'm going to China in 7 days.
It's going to be great.
The chaos has already begun.
I can only imagine how insane it's going to be when we get on the plane...
today was valetine's day.
i was actually kinda scared of it, to be honest.
but it was good.
felipe got me a single rose.
it was all i needed.
it made me so very happy.
haha, his exact words when he gave it to me:
"I hate Valentine's Day, so happy wednesday."
i love him...
my senior year is almost halfway through...
our finals begin tomorrow.
after that...
there's only one semester left...
it's weird.
in that short span of time, i'll be having musical rehearsal, performing in said musical, possibly competing for the school swim team, possibly holding a job, taking care of chamber ensemble related business, and...
this year is goingt o be over before i know it...

my boyfriend and i are doing good.
i'm really happy with him.
felipe's definetly someone i'm glad to have met...

ain't he cute?